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Fedora Core 5, nVidia drivers, and circus hoops

March 24th, 2006

As of now, to get nVidia drivers working on FC5, you have to jump through hoops. This has partly to do with the FC5 kernel and partly to do with the driver. Sadly enough, when I reported this in FC5t3, the developers closed it with a NOTABUG (nVidia’s problem).

Here are the hoops you need to […]

Kororaa Xgl Live CD

March 16th, 2006

The latest linux buzz is Xgl, a new graphics subsystem which Novell is pushing, with uber-awesome graphical desktop effects. I decided to try out Kororaa, a Gentoo-based live-CD distribution which runs Xgl. Xgl, along with AIGLX will form the Linux response to Quartz extreme and Aero Glass on Mac OS X and Windows Vista respectively.

The […]

Adobe Reader 7 for the impatient

March 16th, 2005

It isn’t official yet but you can get Reader 7 via Adobe’s ftp server.

Luis Villa has some screenshots but they all point out to what he thinks is wrong with the program and don’t highlight any of the good stuff. I agree in part with his views: support for CUPS and printer detection should […]

KUbuntu Preview

March 4th, 2005

The prayers of thousands have been answered - Ubuntu now comes in a KDE edition! The folks behind the push for KDE have just released their first bunch of amalagamated bits for us folks to burn on shiny coasters. Live CDs here and Install CDs here.

You can follow the status of KUbuntu on this wiki […]

SuSE 9.2 gratis!

January 9th, 2005

DistroWatch breaks the news that SuSE 9.2 is now available for download! And hear this, SuSE’s not just making the ftp version available like always, they’ve also put up the DVD iso for download! All goodies coming soon to a mirror near you.

I am off to find a DVD toaster now… oh wait, […]

CrossOver Office 4.1 or Not

December 24th, 2004

There’s a new release of CrossOver Office now available from the fine folks at CrossOver. New in this release is greatly improved iTunes support and a bunch of other fixups.

If you can’t afford CrossOver Office ‘cos are out of cash buying gifts - what with the festive season and all - here’s a tip […]

Qt 4 Beta 1

December 22nd, 2004

The wise men at Trolltech have released the first beta of Qt 4, the next major revision of their development framework. The Dot has the details.

KDE changes major version number when Qt does, for obvious reasons. Since Qt 4 has been somewhat delayed, we won’t be getting a KDE 4 anytime soon either. But instead […]