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Intel releases free software graphics drivers

August 11th, 2006

In one corner of the ring, Intel releases bonafide, honest-to-god, fully functional free software graphics drivers for their i965 chipset.

In the other corner, AMD is buying ATI who are known for their “this sorta draws some pixels, be happy with it ‘cos we don’t give a damn about you” linux graphics drivers. How will […]

The Nokia 770

May 26th, 2005

Nokia, the Finnish phone folks, have revealed a not-a-phone device: the Nokia 770. It’s a great looking, instant on, wi-fi enabled tablet device slated for a Q3 2005 launch. And get this: it runs on Debian, GNOME and GStreamer! A blurb from mobileburn:

Thanks to the 770’s massive 4.13″ diagonal, 800×480 pixel display, browsing and email […]

In News Today

April 1st, 2005

GNOME announces new branding strategy (G12 and not GNOME 2.12) and a new pay-per-use subscription model. More here. Adeptiva, a Singapore based computing solutions provider, has decided to quit the GNU/Linux business claiming that it has become increasingly difficult trying to make 1970’s technology work. […]

MPEG-4 support in GStreamer

March 15th, 2005

Ronald Bultje writes about some initial MPEG-4 muxing support in GStreamer:

Writing tags to music downloaded from iTMS (yes, they’re untagged!). Capture MPEG-4 video/audio in a MPEG-4 container using Cupid. Transcoding my Ogg/Vorbis files to MPEG-4 so I can transfer them to my iPod.

Great news! I hope this leads to […]

Find that leak

March 7th, 2005

If you are the kind of cowboy who loves hunting down runaway RAM, you’ll be happy to hear that Novell and OSNews have announced a set of bounties to help fix memory bloat in GNOME. Wanted dead or alive posters at the MemoryReduction wiki.

(Our earlier related story.)

running light, running fast

March 2nd, 2005

Ben Maurer has been talking about making Gnome run lighter, hopefully making it a wee bit faster. His latest post has some interesting notes on why simple apps like gstreamer, clock, etc hog memory. If you are interested in contributing for the larger cause (making the world a better place, better of humanity […]

Ubuntu Love

December 22nd, 2004

They finally arrived today - all 14 of the Ubuntu CDs I had requested for a zillion years ago. But the beautiful packaging is worth the wait! The great thing is, I asked for them to be sent to my work address. So when my fellow cubicle dwellers caugth sight of the shiny coasters […]