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Sneak Peek : GNOME 2.10

January 18th, 2005

Davyd Madeley is putting finishing touches to his Sneak Peek at GNOME 2.10 but why wait for him to wrap it up when you can see all the screenshots now?!

On a completely unrelated note, I’ve got screenshots from KDE 3.4 Beta 1 lying on my hard disk here, waiting for a home on E minor. […]

Looking back at 2004 : Linux.Ars

January 7th, 2005

Ars Technica’s Linux loving folks take a look back at the year that was 2004. A pretty good round up of events and awards for the best and worst of 2004, Linux wise, are what you can expect if you do take this jump in hyperspace.

If you haven’t jumped yet, consider this: #debian on […]

Linux in 2004

December 23rd, 2004

With the year drawing to a close, we can expect many more such ’round up of the year gone by’ articles. Here’s one by Phil Hochmuth. Pretty ho-hum article if you ask me, certainly not eliciting the ‘eye-popping, head-scratching and, sometimes, fist-pounding reaction’ that Mr. Hochmuth is expecting of me.

But I have to say something […]