December 21st, 2004

What is Eudyptula minor?

Eudyptula minor is all about the Linux Desktop. A desktop that we use and love. No, it’s not a marketing space to win converts - we are not here to evangelize the Linux desktop. There are thousands of people around the world who are already running a Linux desktop along with us. We don’t need to sell the Linux desktop to them - they know it and love it and are using it! E minor is for them.

What will you find here? News, Opinions, Apps showcasing, People profiling, Tips n Tricks, etc. Anything even tangentially related to the Linux Desktop that we happen to feel like writing about. If it’s a particularly beautiful day, then we’ll even write anything that you feel we should be writing about!

An important thing that deserves mention here. We are pragmatists. We are practical first and passionate later. Hence, we will try and avoid talking about philosophical issues like the Free vs Proprietary debate. But we are also opinionated! If something sucks, we will say so! As we said earlier, we are not evangelizers - we are not here to paint a rosy picture of Linux land for those jumping ship.

Finally, we are doing this because we love Linux and wish to, as they say, spread the love!

Who are we? You’d better head to our personal blogs if you care so much!

Antrix aka Deepak - Sounds from the Dungeon Ashwin aka Ashwin - Bhootakannadi

Oh, if you are wondering about the Eudyptula minor name itself, you should seek enlightenment from the Wikipedia!