Intel releases free software graphics drivers

August 11th, 2006

In one corner of the ring, Intel releases bonafide, honest-to-god, fully functional free software graphics drivers for their i965 chipset.

In the other corner, AMD is buying ATI who are known for their “this sorta draws some pixels, be happy with it ‘cos we don’t give a damn about you” linux graphics drivers. How will AMD respond to Intel?

Meanwhile, in the third corner, nVIDIA watches. Many, including me, have opted for nVIDIA solutions for their linux boxes because even though the drivers are closed-source, they atleast work well and exploit the graphics card to its full potential! This could definitely change in the future if the Intel solution provides acceptable performance with drivers well supported by, distro & kernel folks. Who knows, with these drivers, we may even get an out-of-the-box laptop-projector plug & play experience in the future!

Now I just wish Lenovo would end their relationship with ATI for their Thinkpad line.

One comment to “Intel releases free software graphics drivers”

  1. Anshul said:

    Unfortunately, the benchmarks are out and the 965G does worse than 945G :(