Fedora Core 5, nVidia drivers, and circus hoops

March 24th, 2006

As of now, to get nVidia drivers working on FC5, you have to jump through hoops. This has partly to do with the FC5 kernel and partly to do with the driver. Sadly enough, when I reported this in FC5t3, the developers closed it with a NOTABUG (nVidia’s problem).

Here are the hoops you need to jump through. Explanations in italics if you really care.

  1. Do yum install xorg-x11-server-sdk. FC5 has moved to modular X, the default locations for includes, libraries et. al. has all changed. This package somehow informs the nvidia driver installer about it.
  2. Disable SELinux by running system-config-securitylevel as root. SELinux has an issue with GLX permissions. See here for details.
  3. Download the 2.6.16 kernel from this page. You need both kernel and kernel-devel packages for your system. Install them using rpm -Uvh kernel*. Reboot. The stock 2.6.15 kernel with FC5 won’t work. These kernels are maintained by a Redhat guy, so they should be quite stable (I’m using it so far without problems).
  4. Download nVidia Linux drivers ver 1.0-8178. This is the _only_ step that makes sense. I know.
  5. Download this patch file.
  6. Run the following code, assuming you have an i386 system (if it isn’t, go here):

sh /path/to/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8178-pkg1.run --extract-only
cd NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8178-pkg1
patch -p0 < /path/to/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-8178-U012206.diff.txt
./nvidia-installer -n

This works for me. I hope it does for you. If it doesn’t, good luck. Welcome to the circus that is Linux. Did I hear someone talk about the readiness of Desktop Linux? Ha!

Forum references: here, here and here.

9 Comments to “Fedora Core 5, nVidia drivers, and circus hoops”

  1. The lost outpost said:

    Fedora Core 5 and nVidia drivers

    Well, that puts off my upgrade to FC5 for a while.

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  3. chris said:

    ive gotten everything to work on my new fc5 (ndiswrapper etc etc) but these bloody nvidia drivers…
    i try to patch them and all the terminal does is sit there, no error messages, just looks like its processing. but on my sys monitor theres no cpu load.

    could anyone please upload their patched driver for me (havnt found it annnnywhere) or sent it to my email? buttnuggets@gmail.com…

    thanks so much if you can

    (2.6.16 kernel with headers etc etc)

  4. Anshul said:

    chris - i’ve uploaded the patched drivers for i386 at this location. good luck.

  5. jesus said:


    cd cd /usr/ports/x11/nvidia-driver/

    make install



    BTW is linux distros moving backwards, who the hell doesent want to get the best out of their graphics cards?

    “There is only one true $PATH”
    Join the BSD reich or face the consequences


  6. George said:

    At 6, Shouldn’t that be:

    sh /path/to/NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8178-pkg1.run –extract-only
    cd NVIDIA-Linux-x86-1.0-8178-pkg1

    patch -p0 -i /path/to/NVIDIA_kernel-1.0-8178-U012206.diff.txt

    ./nvidia-installer -n

    note the -i on the patch?

  7. Kirk Lowery said:

    In the time since the posting of the original recipe, there have been some changes for the better:

    1. You don’t need to download a special kernel. Just make sure that your kernel and kernel-devel packages are the same. I just used my stock FC5 kernel (build 2174) and it works just fine.

    2. The nvidia installer will ask if you want to download a (kernel) module from the nvidia site. I said “no” to that, and it built the module on my machine. I believe that most folk will want to do a local build rather than download a pre-compiled build from the nvidia website.

    3. The SELinux issue has been solved. I also had to use the same “chcon” command on /usr/lib/libGL.so.1. You will need to modify the command lines to reflect the version number of your nVidia shared libraries (the forum message used version “8774″ but the version of the libraries on my machine is “8778″.

    It’s gradually getting there! :-)

    1. George’s modifications to the command lines are indeed necessary.

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