Picasa 2 on Wine

March 8th, 2006

A couple of weeks ago, DesktopLinux.com reported that Google is working with Codeweavers to bring Picasa, their acclaimed photo managing application, to Linux.

I haven’t read of any confirmation of this parternship coming from the Google camp since then. So tonight, I decided to check out how Picasa works with regular old Wine.

Wine 0.9.9 was recently released and it wasn’t any pain installing it since the Wine project folks are nice to provide rpms for Suse 10. Installing and running Picasa was as simple as:

$ wine picasa2-current.exe
$ cd ~/.wine/drive_c/Program\ Files/Picasa2
$ wine Picasa2.exe

Picasa Library

There were some initial hiccups. The folders import didn’t work correctly. Actually, it is the recurvise import that doesn’t work - you have to add each folder/sub-folder individually. Once that is done - it’s all smooth sailing.

I played around with it for half an hour and everything works as expected. You can move around, edit photos, watch a slide show and check out the time line. Scrolling in the Library view is jerky at times but usually works fine. I had one crash so far but I can’t seem to reproduce it.

I hadn’t tried Wine in a long time and it’s amazing to see how much progress has been made. They even provide a GUI config tool called winecfg now.

As for the Google-Codeweavers partnership, it does sound plausible given how minimal is the extra effort that is needed to get Picasa to run flawlessly under Wine.

More screenshots on Flickr.

4 Comments to “Picasa 2 on Wine”

  1. Bioswami said:

    I have used Picasa on FC4 for a while now.. absolutely no problems.. even the recursive imports went through just fine.

  2. antrix said:

    Hmm.. could be a regression in Wine. Have you tested with Wine 0.9.9?

    Also, I was running under KDE.. doubt if that matters though.

  3. Anshul said:

    Picasa runs fine for me on FC4 too. I’m using wine 0.9.8 though. I can also report that I recently tried to run Google Earth, but failed. It did install, but I think it requires a few extra DLLs to run.

  4. Roberto said:

    Works for me, but Create->Movie only work with FullFrames compression