LinuxWorld Expo 2005

July 1st, 2005

The LinuxWorld Expo 2005 was held yesterday here in Singapore. Since I was free, I volunteered to help out at the SuSE/Novell booth in the afternoon.

I met a lot of interesting people over there. Lots of suits - this was an ‘enterprise linux’ conference after all. There was this young girl, 17 years old IIRC, who was diagnosing wireless connectivity problems with tcpdump. Nice. I also realized how much I’ve grown up when she said she hated Ubuntu ‘cos it has an ugly theme and I found myself disagreeing with her. ;-)

Dr Cheok Beng Teck, director of the Ministry of Defence’s CIO Office, in his keynote address talked about their adoption of OpenOffice. I didn’t attend it but it seems to have generated a lot of interest - there were quite a few people asking for demos of OO.o.

There was one lady (I forget from which company) who asked me questions about compatibility with MS Office, platform independence, etc. She wasn’t very technical but was clearly impressed by OO.o’s ability to save documents in the pdf format and the fact that the same software runs on Windows and Linux systems. Finally she said, “And all this for free?! Quite hard for me to believe!” :-)

At the end of it all, I got a retail box of SuSE Linux Pro 9.3 for free! 2 DVDs, 5 CDs and two hefty printed manuals that are an absolute pain to carry around! ;-)

2 Comments to “LinuxWorld Expo 2005”

  1. Ashwin said:

    I had been to the LinuxWorld last year. I found it quite boring.
    You found Ubuntu theme good? The gnomes are taking over the world.

    Aside: you shouldn’t encourage people to scare me. :D

  2. antrix said:

    I didn’t say I found the Ubuntu theme good.. just that I no longer find a bad theme to be enough reason to dismiss a distro ;-)

    Aside: Who me? :”>