Luminocity - I want it - videos!

March 25th, 2005

Seth Nickell has posted a bunch of cool videos demoing Luminocity, a GL based windowing/composition manager. To sum up, this is the Quartz equivalent for Linux. These videos look so good that I no longer feel the need to get comfortable with E17 just for eye candy!

Here’s a thought… what happens when you run this GL based compositing manager on a GL accelerated X server?

Update: Seth answers that question.

2 Comments to “Luminocity - I want it - videos!”

  1. Ashwin said:

    what happens > orgasmic thrill ;)

    they plan to start putting in bits and pieces into Metacity. :) Together with Beagle, Dashboard, Gnome Launch Box and other cool stuff, we have another OS X like system but on ix86 machine. :D

  2. TreeFrog said:

    Terrific Blog you have. Peace Out.