MPEG-4 support in GStreamer

March 15th, 2005

Ronald Bultje writes about some initial MPEG-4 muxing support in GStreamer:

  • Writing tags to music downloaded from iTMS (yes, they’re untagged!).
  • Capture MPEG-4 video/audio in a MPEG-4 container using Cupid.
  • Transcoding my Ogg/Vorbis files to MPEG-4 so I can transfer them to my iPod.

Great news! I hope this leads to a more general foo.{avi|mpeg|mov} -> foo.mp4 solution. This is something that I badly need! I’ve been struggling to get mpeg4 video on to my phone but have had little success so far.

  • Mencoder doesn’t write an MPEG-4 container.
  • FFMPEG always creates files with terrible A/V sync. Is there a trick to this?
  • mpeg4ip fails to compile!

So please, give me an MP4 creator for Linux!