KUbuntu Preview

March 4th, 2005

The prayers of thousands have been answered - Ubuntu now comes in a KDE edition! The folks behind the push for KDE have just released their first bunch of amalagamated bits for us folks to burn on shiny coasters. Live CDs here and Install CDs here.

You can follow the status of KUbuntu on this wiki page. As you can see, there’s still a lot to do. So step up and contribute!

Now for some personal rambling… as those of you blessed with a sharp memory for inconsequential details will recall, I’ve been going through distro pains lately. After the disaster with Gentoo, Mandrake 10.2 beta too failed to work for me. So I finally gave in and went with Ubuntu.

When I say gave in - it’s gave in to GNOME and not Ubuntu ;-)

I’ve upgraded to Hoary and have been running GNOME for some five days now. After spending some time configuring issues (mostly multimedia related) and getting to know GNOME - I am finally settling in and even beginning to like GNOME.

Did I just say that - I like GNOME?!

Anyway, so here I am - all settled and they have to come out and announce KUbuntu. How’s a guy supposed to avoid temptation!

It’s a conspiracy, I say!

BTW, I personally hate the word KUbuntu. I would much rather go with ‘Ubuntu - KDE Edition.’ What do you folks say?

3 Comments to “KUbuntu Preview”

  1. superstoned said:

    I agree with you, kubuntu is not nice. Ubuntu KDE edition would be much better, for sure.

    I’m downloading the kubunutu cd now, I expect it to be a nice piece of work :D

    according to the wiki, they have great plans. I hope the kubuntu team will do a great job with KDE 3.4, and I think they can :D

  2. superstoned said:

    btw it IS a temptation, damn… I wanted to go for mandrake 10.2, too - and gentoo. thought the combination would be nice. but now I don’t know what to do… first I planned to go suse & gentoo, but mandrake.com offered me (as an active contributor to mandrakeclub.nl) a free club membership, so I feel obliged to try mandrake, at least. but now Kubuntu lures me to continue using debian. maybe it’ll be kubuntu, gentoo, mandrake and suse on 1 box… :D definitely need a new hardisk.

  3. antrix said:

    Ha ha! My temptations bow before yours ;-)