Looking back at 2004 : Linux.Ars

January 7th, 2005

Ars Technica’s Linux loving folks take a look back at the year that was 2004. A pretty good round up of events and awards for the best and worst of 2004, Linux wise, are what you can expect if you do take this jump in hyperspace.

If you haven’t jumped yet, consider this: #debian on irc.freenode.org got an “Honorable mention” for the Worst of Linux last year. I quote:

It was interesting to see that the #debian channel on Freenode was able to take second place in our “Thumbs Down” category. This group of people has managed to turn around many potential Debian and Linux newbies from test driving Debian, or Linux in general. For all their claims to be about Debian support, they have the least inclusive and most unfriendly attitude on the planet. There are several people who are good with *nix who have turned down Debian as an option just based on the reaction of #debian regulars to their support questions.

And guess who won the award for Best Community? Heh, it’s the people at The Ubuntu Linux forums! Ubuntu, you know, that love child of Debian?

Leaving the irony of that aside, I am pretty kicked that they’ve called Beagle the Most Anticipated application of the year. I am getting all misty eyed about this; you better take that jump now!