Xandros Desktop 3 Deluxe

December 30th, 2004

Adam Doxtater over at MadPenguin.org has reviewed Xandros Desktop 3 Deluxe and is pretty happy with the release. He gives it high marks overall but does note the less than snappy performance that the Xandros Desktop delivers.

When reviewing Xandros, it’s hard not to comment on the appearance of the distro. Adam echoes my sentiments when he writes about the unattractive look of Xandros. I might even go so far as to say that Xandros is the ugliest looking distro in town. Everything from the default icon set to GTK-QT integration could do with more work. And this is not a new problem. Xandros 1 was ugly, so was Xandros 2. When I was beta-testing Xandros 2, one of the hottest topics on the beta-testers’ forums was on how to improve the looks of the distro. Seriously, in the age of OS X, SuSE 9.2 and Windows XP, you don’t want to look like a poor Win 98 wannabe!