KDE Eye Candy

December 28th, 2004

A weekend goes by and I post nothing. The holiday spirit really gets to me! Time to make up for lost time and clear the backlog of collected links. It’s tempting to put all of them together over here but in the interest of logical categorization, I’ll spread them over different posts. (Truth be told, I am doing it just to increase the post count ;-) )

Looks like the freshly minted kde-graphics-devel mailing list has been seeing some good activity. Zack Rusin writes about the nifty new animated tooltips that’ve been checked into Kicker. Aaron Seigo has some screenshots to keep us non-CVS types happy.

Interesting thing I saw on the graphics list archives: Mosfet is back! (really old Mosfet page) Mosfet aka Dan Duley is the author of the kickass Liquid style which I used all the time before Plastik came out. He’s reputedly also written a lot of code for various KDE graphics related things.

I used to really like Pixie back in those days when I was an ACDSee worshipper freshly coming to Linux. Back then, Pixie was the only decent, usable, good looking photo management application Linux had. Sadly, it was alpha code and crashed quite a lot. Then Mosfet disappeared and Pixie never reached version 1. So yeah, I am happy to see he’s not quite disappeared entirely!

While we are talking KDE graphics, did you know there’s a SVG Wallpaper Design Challenge currently running on kde-look.org? Of the entries submitted so far, this is my favourite.