CrossOver Office 4.1 or Not

December 24th, 2004

There’s a new release of CrossOver Office now available from the fine folks at CrossOver. New in this release is greatly improved iTunes support and a bunch of other fixups.

If you can’t afford CrossOver Office ‘cos are out of cash buying gifts - what with the festive season and all - here’s a tip which will let you easily run Internet Explorer on your Linux box.

Get the latest WINE from the official downloads page. Install and check the installation by executing wine notepad from a shell.

If that works fine, then grab the Sidenet wine configuration utility. This is a nice little script which will download and install IE and (optionally) Windows Media Player for you.

I’ve got IE running now for that one IE-only site that I absolutely have to access. No, don’t ask me which one! I can’t get any icons on the toolbars but I can live with that.