Ubuntu Love

December 22nd, 2004

They finally arrived today - all 14 of the Ubuntu CDs I had requested for a zillion years ago. But the beautiful packaging is worth the wait! The great thing is, I asked for them to be sent to my work address. So when my fellow cubicle dwellers caugth sight of the shiny coasters and the beautiful women, they were immediately hooked.

They said, “Linux, so pretty waah! How so?!” That’s Singlish for “Linux, so pretty man! How is that possible?!”

I had just enough time today to try out the Live CD for like a full 8 minutes. Looks sweet so far. Evolution 2.0 feels great. I don’t think I’ll ever get used to the spatial Nautilus. And Totem crashed; must hide that when demoing the Live CD for others ;-)

I also gave off a few CDs - Christmas gifts :-) Will be distributing more of these gifts tomorrow!

But I don’t see myself dumping SuSE for Ubuntu anytime soon. I am too much of a KDE guy to just drop everything and start using GNOME. Especially not at work: unfamiliar environment - productivity loss - yada yada.

All hope’s not lost yet, though. The Dot informs us that a KDE flavoured Ubuntu is in the works. Andreas and Chris, more power to you guys!